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Travel Information

Thank you for joining us for our Inuagural Insomnia Weekend in St. Marteen!!!

As the weekend is fastly approaching we would like to share some information witheveryone. We have Discounted Airport Shuttles available for everyone.


The rate is$10 R/T pp. You must sign up directly with the shuttle company using the link provided below. You will need to provide them all of your travel information directly.We are not organizing the transportation it is provided by a local company.


For entry into St. Marteen you will be required to complete a St. Marteen Covid travel entry form. You will need this form to enter the country. We strongly suggestthat you print this information out and carry it with you. In addition you should alsoprint your negative Covid test results. You can access the St. Marteen travel andtourism information online or use the link provided below. You will be required to pay a $30 Insurance when you apply for the travel entry.


If you have any questions please contact us at: or 

Airport Shuttle Link

St. Marteen Travel Requirements

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